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Most unknown tips & tricks of Facebook


We use Facebook regularly but still don’t know about many features. Here are some most unknown tips & tricks of Facebook that would be helpful to everyone to be a power user.

1.How to add a background color to post

Go to 'Create a Post' section, write your thought & Click the red marked icon. Then select a specific color and click on 'Post'.

2.Save to Facebook

You can save any important links, videos, photos, posts, pages, files and events on Facebook as bookmarks which can be viewed, read and used later.
How to save posts, pages and events-
Click the down icon at the top right of any post and click ‘Save’.
You can also save any website link/post/address by clicking on the ‘Save to Facebook’ button.
To see saved bookmarks- Go to https://facebook.com/saved or click on the ‘Saved’ option from the menu.

3.Download Entire Photo Albums

Want to make sure your Facebook photos are safe? Save them to your computer! Use “Pick’n Zip” to log in with your Facebook account and choose the albums you’d like to download.

4.Discover Messages that Facebook Hides

Not many people know that Facebook messages get split into two folders: messages and other. If you haven’t looked into the other folder before, you probably missed some messages you didn’t want to miss.
Firstly open your FB Messenger app. Go to Settings>People>Message Requests>Tap the “See Filtered requests”.

5.Turning off Notifications from Apps, Users, Etc.

Have too much spam coming in from an event, a group or a page? You can shut notifications off by clicking on Settings>Notifications icon (the globe)>On Facebook. Here you can customize all of your notifications you want.

6.Turn off the video auto playing

To disable the auto video buffering, go to Setting then click on Videos option. Now select Off from auto-play videos option.

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