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Best eye protection apps for Android/iOS/PC free


Our eyes are very sensitive from other parts of the body. So, playing games, chatting or working on mobile/PC for a long time may have a bad effect on the eyes.

Because digital screens-like those of computers/laptops, smart phones and tablets are the most common source individuals `blue light’ exposure. And blue lights known as HEV-ray which makes long term vision problem. Keeping the zero brightness setting puts the light on a tolerable level but not perfectly.

To protect eyes from unbearable blue light, take a look of eye protection apps for computer and smart phone.

In Android:

There is a very useful app named `Twilight’ reduces displays blue light emission. This is an app that will make Zero Brightness more affordable for your Android. There’s another app named `Bluelight Filter’ that’s a perfect alternative of `Twilight’.

In iPhone (iOS):

As an iOS user you can use `Eye Care Browser’ app for free. It’s a must have eye protector and best blue light filter app for iphone.

In Desktop PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux):

F.lux is very effective app for the desktop users. It changes the display brightness as time and location.

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