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Why you should use cloud storage service?


Cloud storage is an internet based model of data storage where the digital data is stored in web server. Cloud storage has changed the concept of storing data totally.
Even a few years ago, no one would think about cloud computing. As the cloud storage service is getting popular, the portable storage like pen drive, memory card, hard drive etc. can be extinct very quickly.

Why should you use cloud storage?
The advantage of using cloud storage are…
1. Important files can be safely and easily upload to cloud storage. There is absolutely no fear of data loss.
2. The biggest advantage of cloud storage services do not need to carry important files. Just login to your Cloud Storage and access all files from anywhere.
3. After creating a free account in any Cloud storage provider site, you can get 2GB to 16GB of free storage.
4. Uploaded files can be shared with unlimited users at any time. Moreover, you can fix permission for all user to allow use the file specifically. Such as [who can see it, who can 
5. edit it or who can download it].The easiest way for everyone to work together everywhere as well.

Lets know about some top cloud storage providers and their services.

1.DropBox : DropBox has one of the best user interface that you can use it android, windows, ios and linux. DropBox gives 2GB storage for basic account. You can increase storage up to at least 16GB storage from referral program for free. You can earn 500 MB storage for each referral signup. Address: http://www.dropbox.com


2.Google Drive: Google Drive gives 15GB storage for basic account. To access Google drive you need to make a google account. If the 15 GB storage is not sufficient for you then you can buy more 100GB for $1.99/month and 1024 GB for $9.99/month.  Address: www.google.com/drive


3.One Drive : One Drive also is giving 15GB of free storage for microsoft users. Microsoft gives extra storage in low price than Google . 1 terabyte of storage that can be found on 6.99 dollars a month. Address: www.onedrive.live.com


4.iCloud : iCloud is the best cloud storage service for Apple product users. iCloud have sharing and storage facilities, as well as  e-mail, calendar, reminders, Safari data, the ability to synchronize automatically back-up, etc. Address: www.icloud.com


5.Box: Box is smilar to OneDrive & Google Drive. Box giving 10GB of free storage for basic. Address: https://www.box.com/home

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