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How to get high speed downloading like IDM without spending money?


Now Internet has become our second home and most important thing of internet is Downloading. Yes, we never think internet without downloading.
 If you want to download a big file or a movie and it takes a long time to download then its become an irritation. Even sometimes the file is not possible to resume when the electricity goes or failed to download.

We are all more or less have encountered this kind of problem. To make faster download we are generally used “IDM-Internet Download Manager” software and for this you have to spend money $11.95 in a year! 

I know what you're thinking right nowHow to get as fast as downloading speed of IDM without spending money? ‍Stay calm, I’ll tell you how to…
To have great downloading “Free Download Manager (FDM)” is the best of the best download manager software.


For that reason you have to use FDM:

-Windows and Mac OS supported.

-Get the full advantage of directly downloads unlimited video/music from streaming sites (YouTube, DailyMotion) in different format.

-HTTP, HTTPS & FTP links supported.

-Proxy and Bit torrent supported.

-Plugin/Add-on supports in  Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini and Microsoft EDGE.

-Supports Resume/Pause

-Many people don’t know that FDM is 10 times faster than IDM and completely free!


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