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Most important features of Gmail for your business

Most Important features of Gmail for your business

There is no doubt that Gmail is the most popular Email service which is a Google’s email service. There are many features in Gmail that many people may not know. Using these features, you can save a lot of time and can strengthen the security of your Gmail account.

1.   Easy Gmail backup: 
easy to download gmail backups

You can keep all your Gmail emails backup in computer. Even the backups can be restored to any other Gmail addresses. Firstly, you have to download the software from http://gmail-backup.com/download and then install it in computer. Now you can download backups by selecting.

2.   Gmail automatic reply vacation message:

Many times it is not possible to reply all important email. But Gmail's auto-reply service able to send your specific messages to the sender automatically. To active auto reply service 1) go to “Settings” 2) click General Tab 3) click on “Vacation responder on” 4) Write your message  in Message” box and check “Only send a response to people in my Contacts”. Uncheck if you want to set up for all incoming messages. 5) Click “Save Changes”.

3.   Send large files greater than 25 MB in Gmail:

send greater than 25MB files in gmail
Usually in Gmail, you can't send greater than 25MB files because of 25MB attachment limitation. To fix this problem, Go to this address from google Chrome http://bit.ly/1k9obCT . Now click on +Free button of the right side of the page and add the extension.

4.   Easy to Find all important emails of Gmail:

Daily numerous mails arrive. So it's difficult to get the required e-mail. To get rid of this problem has to change Gmail settings. For this go to “mail settings” from “settings icon”. Then click Filters tab, click on Create a new filter. Now you can organize emails separately as required.

create a filter in gmail easily

Gmail has improved their many options. This has made it more user-friendly.

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