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How to fix water damaged phone

Getting your cell phone wet usually means you have to replace it, but sometimes if you’re fast enough, you might be able to save the phone!

1) Remove the battery: This is the most important part! Damage in wet electronic devices mostly comes from short circuits. Removing the battery quickly will prevent electricity from further damaging the phone. Resist the temptation to test the phone while it is still wet!

2) Remove the SIM card (if applicable): The SIM card should have survived, but makes sure you don’t use it again until it has dried completely.

3) Disassemble the phone: Use the required screwdrivers to disassemble the phone as much as you can. Note that disassembling the phone will probably void your warranty,but then so will dropping the phone in water. You've got nothing to lose. The reason for the disassembly is simple: the phone will dry up much faster once it is disassembled. You could skip this step, but water can remain inside the phone for weeks if you don’t do it.

4) Dry the phone: As much as possible using q-tips for paper towels or a similar material. This will prevent water from getting further into the phone two ideas to help with the drying. A) Use a Fan: Leave the phone under a desk fan for 24 or 48 hours. B) Use a substance with a high affinity for drawing out moisture: An inexpensive option is to place the phone in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice overnight, or just cover the phone in paper towels. The rice might absorb some remaining moisture.

5) Test the phone: After a few days (usually two or three). The phone should be clean and dry. Reassemble the phone and put the SIM card and battery pack back in. If it water damage. Try an alternative power source. You can get another battery for cheap if your phone still works.
As always, be very careful when disassembling electronic devices.

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