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Speed up firefox in easy way

When browser visit any website, firstly it's collecting some cache data and save it in the hard disk then it’s usually load pages. But RAM collects data faster than hard disk. So by selection of RAM for the browser cache, the browser speed  can increase doubled. To select RAM for browser cache , follow the tricks below:

1. Open firefox & write in address bar “about:config and Enter. The browser show a option “I’ll be careful,I promise!” click it…

2.  Then a filter page will show like screenshot below. Write in the filter search box “browser.cache”. Now double click on “browser.cache.disk.enable” change the value from true to false.

3. Then double click on “browser.cache.memory.enable” to change the value from false to true.

4.  Now click right button of mouse at any place of the page. Select>New>Integer.  Then give the preference name “browser.cache.memory.enable” and click OK. Give value 100000 (often 10MB) in the field and click OK.
5. Restart the Firefox.

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