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Most important basic shortcuts of Windows

To work fast in windows the simple way to know use of shortcuts . Here are some most useful basic shortcuts of windows given below:-

Alt : Display a hidden Menu Bar
Alt+D : Select the Address Bar
Alt+E : Edit options in current program .
Alt+F : File menu options in current program.
Alt+P : Display the Preview Pane in Windows
Alt+Tab  : Open minimized files from the taskbar.

Alt+Shift+Tab : Open other minimize file at the same time used.
Alt+Esc : Switch between programs on taskbar .
Alt+Spacebar  : To access the shortcut menu for restore , minimize and close the program.
Alt+Enter : View the properties of selected icons .
Alt+Print Screen: Capture a screenshot .
Alt+F4 : Close the currently running program .
Ctrl+A : Select all text
Ctrl+X : Cut selected item
Ctrl+C :Copy Selected item.
Ctrl+V : Paste
Ctrl+Home : Go to beginning of current document.
Ctrl+End : Go to end of current document.
Ctrl+Alt+Del  : To open quickly shutdown , restart , log-off etc. options.
Ctrl+Shift+Esc : To open windows task manager.
Ctrl+F4 : Close the opened file or program .
Shift+Del : Delete the selected file or folder from the hard drive permanently .
F1 : Open windows help and support center (for all programs).
F2 : Rename the selected Icon
F3 : Start Search from desktop .
F4 : Open the drive selection when browsing (From Address) .
F5 : Refresh contents .
WINKEY+F1 : Open windows help and support center .
WINKEY+Pause/Break  : Open the system properties window.
WINKEY+D : Refresh the desktop and close other notifications.
WINKEY+E : Open MY COMPUTER folder .
WINKEY+F : Display the windows search/find feature.
WINKEY+Ctrl+F  : Display the search for computers window (for Network).
WINKEY+L : Look the computer (Windows XP and later)
WINKEY+M: Minimize all  windows .
WINKEY+R: Open the RUN window.
WINKEY+U: Open utility manager .
WINKEY+Tab: Select a window from all the minimized windows .

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