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Some best strategies to find correct information on Google

When you needed to find information you should search in Google. But it is very hard to get a lot of time to get the right information. Here are some simple techniques that help to get the correct information on google.

1.Want to know the current location of an aircraft, just search on Google by typing in the aircraft number. Google will be notified the current position of the aircraft.

2.To see the results of PDF file after the term type "filetype:pdf" to search . Example:  blog:pdf.

3. For the definition or the meaning of the word, use "define" before the term to Google search. Example: for definitions of blog write “define blog” & search.

4. To know results of any math or denomination search google by typing the full words. The results will come very quickly. Example: if you wants to know the results of 1+2+3+4 , just write and search this. Is this answer is 10.

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