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To get faster internet in Windows...

To get faster internet in Windows...

PC/Laptop’s fast Internet is desirable to all but because of Windows less bandwidth limit setting by default, we cannot get it. So, to get faster internet in Windows, we have to increase bandwidth limit. I’m telling you a trick that you can get the maximum internet speed in your Windows. Follow the tricks below:-

1. Go to ‘run’
2. Type there ‘gpedit.msc’ & press Enter.

3. Now from the ‘Local Computer Policy’ double click on ‘Computer Configuration’ .

4. Double Click on ‘Administrative Templates’ .

5.Then go to ‘Network’.

6.From ‘Network’ click on ‘QoS Packet Scheduler’.

 7.Right side’s ‘Limit Reservable bandwidth’ , double click.
 8.Now give ‘0’ in value box & quit.

 9.Then again go to ‘Run’ & type there ‘gpupdate’, press ‘enter’.

Now restart your Computer.
Congratulation you did it! :-)

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